The project is located in Les Collons at the entry of Val d’Hérens which a lateral valley of the main Rhône valley. For decades the people of Hérens decided to develop a sustainable tourism. That’s why the valley remained one of the most authentic area in the french part of Valais. The population is spread in about a dozen villages made of of typical wooden houses. The climate is great and the south-east orientation of the project will bring you sunny mornings the all year long.

You can exercise your body and heal your mind by taking advantage of the huge untouched nature that will surround you. Amazing ski in winter, gorgeous walk in summer and even a taste of high mountain if you head south towards the end of the Val. The place is called Arolla and it’s surrounded by magnificent peaks like Pigne d’Arolla, Aiguille de la Tsa or Mont-Collon.

Enough words, check these pictures that were all taken in the near surroundings. Click on the mosaic to enlarge the pictures.